SCC Writing Center User Agreement


By using the Scottsdale Community College Writing Center Canvas and other in person or online services, you are indicating your understanding and acceptance of the following expectations.

I understand that:

  • tutoring is provided to help me become a better writer. Tutors will support my learning and answer questions, but they will not simply “fix” my paper– they do not edit, proofread, or spell-check.
  • the tutor’s role is one of general support and the ultimate responsibility for all work as to correctness, completeness, and responsiveness to the instructor’s requirements rests with me.
  • students must be currently enrolled (for credit) in the SCC classes for which they receive tutoring.

I am aware that:

  • I may receive up to one (1) hour of individual tutoring per day on campus or online.
  • I may request digital confirmation of tutoring attendance from my tutor.

I agree to:

  • demonstrate mature, respectful behavior toward all Writing Center technicians, tutors, and staff as well as fellow students.
  • develop specific questions or concerns about my writing rather than vague requests for help (e.g., “Does it flow?” or “Is it good?”).
  • provide copies of drafts, assignment materials, or research as necessary .
  • respond to all Canvas and email communications in a timely manner.
  • accept responsibility for my academic performance.
  • schedule my time wisely, allowing myself plenty of time for the writing, feedback, and drafting process.


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