Online Tutoring


The Scottsdale Community College Writing Center staff offers online  tutoring to all registered, for-credit students. Online tutoring appointments are usually ONE HOUR long. We offer online tutoring with ENG, RDG, COM, ITA and SPA classes.


If you wish to receive online tutoring for a writing, please read the following and check that you meet the requirements and understand the procedure.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment for online tutoring, call us at 480.423.6416, email, or stop by LC-379.  Be sure to indicate that you’d like to receive tutoring online.

I.  Technical Requirements
To receive online tutoring, you’ll need to meet a few technical requirements.
You must have:

  1. A computer with access to the internet (connection speed is not important);
  2. An activated student email account (;
  3. A microphone and speakers/headphones on your computer OR a phone.

II.  Starting a Tutoring Session
We use Google Meet or Zoom to connect online.  Google Meet is a free product works on a Chrome browser. If you don’t have Chrome, you can download it here.

A few minutes before your scheduled online tutoring appointment, your tutor will send you an email invitation to an online room where your tutoring session will take place. Click on the link in the email to join the meeting.

If you do not have a mic and speakers, you can text chat with your tutor, who will provide a phone number for you to call.  You and your tutor discuss find the best way to share your document and begin tutoring.

To schedule a one hour online English tutoring appointment, call us at 480.423.6416, email or use our online request form. Be sure to indicate that you’d like to receive online tutoring and confirm your Maricopa email address with the Writing Center staff.

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