Electronic Assignment Review Service


Submit your essay for review via Canvas 7 days a week– no appointment necessary!

Tutors will respond with comments and a rubric within 2 business days (usually sooner).

Submit your paper
(This link will direct you to a Canvas course requiring MEID login and self-enrollment.)

Note: If you have scheduled an appointment with a tutor, you do not need to submit your essay for review.

About This Service

The SCC Writing Center offers essay review via Canvas of writing assignments for any class*, not just English. We also offer essay review of assignments in Spanish!

The “Submit your paper” link above will take students to the Writing Center’s Canvas classroom, where students may self enroll and submit documents for email review. Students can expect a tutor’s response within two (2) business days. Business days are Monday through Friday and do not include holidays or school breaks.

Please note: While sentence-level issues should never take precedence over higher-order concerns like content development and organization, SCC Writing Center tutors can help address your specific concerns about sentence issues. However, tutors are not editors, proofreaders or spell-checkers. Rather, tutors work with you to improve your own writing, editing and proofreading skills.

*The Writing Center offers this service to all for-credit students currently enrolled at Scottsdale Community College.

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