Communication, English, ESL and World Languages Tutoring


Communication tutoring services are available for students currently enrolled in ANY communication class at SCC. The Communication Tutor is an instructor at SCC who understands the requirements and assignments for each communication course. COM tutoring can help students plan, develop and practice speeches, understand and accomplish assignments, and learn the content better for course assessments. Communication tutoring hours are offered three days a week in the Writing Center.

The Writing Center offers one-on-one tutoring assistance to help students become better writers. Tutors are available free of charge to students who are currently enrolled in classes at SCC. Tutors can assist students with organization, English grammar and usage, and other aspects of writing. Although they may offer suggestions for improving essays, they will not write papers, make corrections for students, or proofread entire papers word for word. Furthermore, tutors will not accept papers that have been dropped off, mailed, or faxed.

While tutors do see students on a drop-in basis, students are strongly encouraged to schedule appointments in advance.

Students needing help with ESL courses may work with tutors in sessions of 30 minutes. During tutoring sessions, students may receive assistance with any aspect of their courses, including writing assignments, pronunciation practice, and conversation skills. Please note that ESL students are limited to 1 session per day and may schedule only 1 tutoring appointment at a time.

World Languages
The Writing Center offers tutoring in a number of foreign languages, including Italian, Spanish, and American Sign Language*. Students may work with language tutors in sessions of 30 minutes or 1 hour. Students may receive a maximum of 1 hour of tutoring per day and may schedule only 1 tutoring appointment at a time. (Students needing additional assistance are encouraged to seek private tutoring.)

Language tutors can assist students with homework exercises, writing assignments, pronunciation practice, or conversation skills. To be eligible for foreign language tutoring, students must be currently enrolled in foreign language classes at SCC; students taking language courses at colleges other than SCC may not receive tutoring in the Writing Center. In addition, students may receive tutoring only for the foreign language courses in which they are currently enrolled.

*Sign Language tutoring is subject to availability.

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