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Contact the Writing Center

Share our contact information with students:

Orientation Video

A short introduction to our services and staff. Add it to your Canvas or course materials.

In-Class Orientation

Invite a tutor to join your live online class meetings for a 5-minute introduction to Writing Center services.

Email with the class, day and time you’d like us to visit as well as your class meeting link.

Writing Center Canvas

On our Canvas home page, students can submit an essay for review, request an online appointment, find resources, and contact us.
Share this self-enrollment link with students:

Faculty may also request to be added to the WC Canvas as instructors or observers. Email

Add a Writing Center Link to your Canvas course navigation menu

Students can navigate directly to the Writing Center online services from your course. The video below will show you how.

Add tutors as Canvas observers in your course

Tutors have found that we’re able to assist students better if instructors grant us observer access to their Canvas courses. We can immediately access a student’s assignment information, which allows us to provide thorough feedback whether we’re reviewing an essay asynchronously or chatting with a student via phone or internet.

In the observer role, tutors only view assignments; we do not make any changes to course content, grades, or calendar. All tutors have advanced FERPA training, so you can be assured that student information will remain sec

Instructions for adding tutors as observers (or any other status) are here:

Tutor email addresses:

Reading and writing for any class



Tech assistance

Lab technicians and tutors can support student access to Canvas, Google apps, email, meeting software, and much more. Allow us to solve student tech issues so you can focus on teaching.

Call: 480-423-6416

Embedded tutoring

Online embedded tutoring is an academic support program designed to help students better understand course concepts, participate more fully in class discussions and activities, and earn higher grades.

For more information or to schedule an embedded tutor for your course, contact

Embedded Tutors

  • Work with individual students who require additional support during classroom activities
  • Help facilitate small-group exercises or discussions
  • Assist students in learning how to effectively utilize course materials, including textbooks, open educational resources, and instructional software
  • Work with students to help them develop a better understanding of the instructor’s expectations and assignments
  • Guide students through the learning process, answering questions and providing feedback as needed
  • Encourage students to become independent learners and critical thinkers
  • Promote student development by helping students understand course content and learning strategies
  • Provide student support outside the classroom through tutoring, conferences, workshops, etc.
  • Offer the perspective of an experienced professional in class discussions
  • Act as an intermediary for students, voicing ideas and concerns to the instructor based on student feedback
  • Are a familiar face for students to go to for academic support

Extra Credit Assignment

Offer students additional credit for attending tutoring. Use this assignment, adapted from materials developed by Sara Cameron, to add structure and assessment to the visit.

Extra Credit: Get Writing Center Feedback

This assignment is also available on the Canvas Commons:

Writing Center Coach

Our Writing Center Coach is focused on providing extra support to ENG101 students. The Coach will establish and maintain relationships with students while providing just-in-time resources for accessing materials, connecting with campus or community support, maximizing study efficiency and refining time management skills. If you’d like to refer a student, please contact us at Students can also self-enroll in the program at our Writing Center Coach Canvas:

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