The commute to and from school made by students and employees of SCC is one of our campus’ largest operations emissions factors.  To help mitigate this strain on the environment, SCC is proud to offer a number of alternative transportation options.

Visit our Campus Map to view the locations of all of our transportation sites, and learn more about each of them below.

Valley Metro Bus and Light Rail:  Need a ride to school or work?  SCC and Valley Metro have you covered, with three direct bus lines stopping right in our parking lot!  Visit to work out the details of your trip to campus.  And, before you go, be sure to take advantage of our Trip Reduction Program, with reduced-fare transportation passes!  Visit the Trip Reduction Program website to find out how you can register and save some money to buy your books!

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations:  SCC hosts five BLINK electric charging stations right on campus.  Visit to register and use these electric charging stations, found in our northeast parking lot.  You can help the environment and keep a lot of change in your pocket this way– electric vehicles use the equivalent of a gallon of gas for an average of just $1.10!

Carpooling:  Last semester SCC employees saved 73 trips to and from campus by carpooling!  All employees are invited to take part in the carpool program by registering their carpool with our Public Safety Office.  In recognition of this extra effort, carpoolers will receive a special permit to use one of our front-row Carpool Parking Only spaces.  Call 480-423-6175 to find out how you may register to take part in our Carpool program today!

Bike Racks:  SCC has a number of bike racks available for use in areas all across campus!  Take a look at our Sustainability Campus Map to see where they are located.

Interested in taking a bike ride to enjoy the scenery nearby?  Check out these suggested bike routes:


SCC encourages faculty and staff, rather than to travel, to telecommute whenever possible, saving gasoline (and money), and reducing our exhaust emissions.  Rather than driving to attend meetings and conferences faculty and staff may participate by phone or in a webinar.

Many of our classes are also offered online-only or as hybrid courses.  In 2013, 831 students attended SCC classes online only, without ever having to commute to campus.

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