Recycling – On Campus

SCC Recycles both Indoors and Out!

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Outside recycling bins include large, three-part blue bins (as pictured above).  Take a look at our Campus Map to see how they are distributed all across campus!

Indoors you will find our three-part brushed aluminum cans with a black lid alongside major hallways and entrances.  For your convenience, classrooms and offices may also have smaller blue recycle bins inside.

SCC Recycles:


All, I repeat, all paper is recyclable on campus. Whether glossy magazines or envelopes with plastic windows, all paper on campus can be recycled in the blue and the silver recycling bins.


Several years ago SCC purchased a cardboard baler to better streamline one of the most valuable items to be recycled. This allows us to have the cardboard picked up separately and therefore earn more money from recycling companies. In 2012 the college raised almost $2000 from recycling cardboard alone.

You can recycle cardboard by simply placing boxes or other cardboard items next to any recycling/trash container on campus. Our custodial staff is well aware and trained to pick it up and handle it properly.


All plastics from #1 through #7 are recyclable at SCC. Just dispose of it in one of our blue outdoor bins or the brushed aluminum indoor bins in the proper (plastic bottles) container.

Additional Recycling Efforts:


SCC has lots of computers and other technology-related equipment. Since there is a fast turnaround on the replacement of old technology, and because this technology can break or otherwise is not able to meet SCC’s needs, our college has placed a Media Recycling Bin in our Media Center located in the IT Building.  By placing unusable media in this bin, SCC is able to dispose of it a responsible way which allows for the reuse of various metal parts and prevents hazardous materials from contaminating our local landfill.


The college also recycles used batteries, however this disposal is currently not open college-wide out of a need to minimize the risk of spills and to ensure the proper handling of hazardous materials on campus grounds.


SCC is collecting scrap metal on a year around basis. This metal comes from remodeling of buildings, old office furniture and other items. The 40 cubic yard container is located in our Maintenance Compound for safety reasons, and is emptied several times a year. In 2012 the college earned more than $5000 from its metal recycling program.


Fluorescent Light Bulbs are currently collected whenever our electricians replace a burned out light. Since all Fluorescent Light Bulbs contain a small amount of mercury it is important that these are handled carefully. SCC is at the moment recycling these items with a company that guarantees the safe removal and recycling of all parts of the light bulb.

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