Food & Agriculture

Eating sustainably is important both for your health and for our environment.  Mass production of foods and raising of animals, and use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers lead to contamination of our air and water, and depletion of organic matter in the soil.  Knowing the sources of your foods, and the locally and seasonally ripe produce is an important step to a sustainable lifestyle.  Here are a couple of places and ideas to get you started.

Dining on Campus:

  • SCC’s Culinary Program offers you a sustainable meal right on campus!  Check out our very own Artichoke Grill for lunch, and the Desert Oasis for dinner. The Culinary Program grows and maintains its own small garden on the northeast side of campus where it grows herbs and tomatoes as fresh ingredients for many of its dishes.  Find it on our Campus Map.
  • The Scottsdale Café, located in the Student Center is run by Chartwells, a dining services company.  Read about their sustainability initiatives on their website at:

Center for Native and Urban Wildlife

The Center for Native and Urban Wildlife (CNUW) is a source for information, research, and experience on native plant and animal life, balancing biodiversity, and wildlife preservation on campus.  CNUW is open to students, employees, and community members with an interest in their environment.  Visit CNUW online or on campus for more information!

Scottsdale Community Garden

SCC is proud to be the home location of Scottsdale Community Garden, a 190-plot fruit and vegetable rich garden on the northeast end of campus.  This garden is run entirely by local community members, and is complete with composting piles on site.  Be sure to stop by and see the garden in person or online at:

Local Farmer’s Markets

A trip to a nearby farmer’s market is an easy way to green your grocery shopping trip, with local produce and small, family-owned producers and farms.  Visit Arizona’s Farmer’s Market Directory to find your closest farmer’s market today!

Start Your Own Garden

Build a garden to grow fresh fruits and vegetables yourself.  Visit for more information on building your own garden, or be sure to buy locally and seasonally if you cannot grow something yourself!

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