Business School Internship Program at SCC


Welcome to the homepage of the Scottsdale Community College Business School Internship Program.  Our goal is to help students enrolled in Business School programs find internships in their field of interest.

Some considerations:

  • Business School Interns typically enroll in a class where they can either work 80, 160 or 240 hours per semester. They can work between semesters toward those hours.
  • Internships must be paid, in a professional office and have a designated supervisor/mentor. (No interns are assigned to home offices).
  • Students should have a schedule where they can also be successful in their other classes.  Flexible and consistent work hours are appreciated.
  • Business School faculty will work with employers and students/interns to establish learning objectives and relevant work duties.

Companies: if you are interested in providing an internship position, please email the Internship Coordinator Dr. Bobra Crockett at [email protected] for more information.

If you are an employer, please visit

Students:  For posted opportunities, visit the Internship Page in the Business, Entrepreneurialism and Management Field of Interest Course found in your Canvas Dashboard