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Students should pick projects to complete from the pairs
below until they have 3.
Only one project from each pair may be chosen until 3 are selected.

Pair 1

Astronomy(1)Solar System Collisions

Astronomy(2)Model of the Solar System

Pair 2

BiologyExtracting DNA from a Banana

Biology Wildlife“Finding Phyla” Scavenger Hunt

Pair 3

Chemistry(1)  – Density Column

Chemistry(2) Sugar Crystals

Pair 4

Physics(1) Build a Motor

Physics(2)  – Build a Stereo Speaker

Pair 5

GeologyAn Active Earth Shaping the World

Computer ScienceCode a Clock

Pair 6

Math – Cipher Scavenger Hunt  <— Coming soon

EngineeringDesk Builder

Information about Schrödinger’s Cat.