Practice and Learning


Math Exam

“The exams involve skills from algebra, geometry, analytic geometry, trigonometry, probability, logic problems, and sometimes a little calculus with all of this coupled with some clever thinking.”  ~ MSFD Exam Writer

Click here for a website full of problems like our math exam.  Each AHSME exam has many questions that are similar to our math exam problems.  This site also includes answers and solutions.

Math/Science Carnival
Each department in the division brings examples of how their science is useful and show students live demonstrations.

• Physics ~ Floating ball, magnetism
• CNUW ~ Frogs, turtles, Gila monsters
• Geology ~ Rocks, skulls
• Chemistry ~ Loud pops, bubbling solutions, melting gummy bears
• Biology ~ Body mass index, percent of fat, heart rate
• Astronomy ~ Telescopes, model planets
• Mathematics ~ Computer models, puzzles
• Forensics ~ Plastering footprints, microscopes
• Robotics ~ Vex and Lego robots


One Hour Special Session

SCC Robotics
• Liberty Wildlife
• Physics/Math demonstration of spinning water
• SCC faculty discussion of pedagogy
• Geology at SCC
•  3D Printer Exploration