photograph of pyrite and chalcopyrite

Left to right: Pyrite; Chalcopyrite

photgraph of four minerals

Left to right: Galena; Magnetite; Bornite; Hematite

photograph of Azurite, Chrysocolla, and Malachite

Left to right: Azurite; Chrysocolla; Malachite

photograph of six minerals

Back row, left to right: Calcite; Halite; Fluorite; Quartz; Front row, left to right: Talc; Gypsum

photograph of Talc and Gypsum

Left to right: Talc; Gypsum

photograph of Calcite and Halite

Left to right: Calcite; Halite

photograph of Fluorite and Quartz

Left to right: Fluorite; Quartz

photograph of Muscovite and Biotite

Left to right: Muscovite; Biotite

photograph of K-spar, Amazonite, and Plagioclase

Left to right: K-spar; Amazonite; Plagioclase

photograph of Hornblende


photograph of four minerals

Left to right: Hematite; Limonite; Realgar; Sulfur

photograph of Garnet, Apatite, and Corundum

Left to right: Garnet; Apatite; Corundum

phtotogaph of Vanadinite and Wulfenite

Left to right: Vanadinite; Wulfenite

photograph of Epidote and Olivine

Left to right: Epidote; Olivine