About the SCC DJ Program

Since Fall 2001, SCC has offered DJ and Turntablism classes, with DJ-producer, as well as emcee-MC-rap classes launching in Spring 2013. The first class (MUC135), became accredited in Fall 2004. Seven DJ courses (MUC135, MUC136, MUC137, MUC138, MUC139, MUC237, and MUC291AA) are offered in the school’s Music Department, which transfer to ASU and NAU as MUS elective credit.  Beginning in Fall 2014, DJ course credits transfer to UA as Africana Studies (humanities) elective credit, which can be applied towards a minor in hip hop. After receiving approval from the Higher Learning Commission and US Department of Education in 2012, a Certificate of Completion (CCL) in DJ Techniques was launched in Spring 2013. An Associate degree (A.A.S.) in DJ Techniques received approval in summer 2014, which renders SCC the world’s first college to offer an accredited DJ degree.

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