About APT

Miking a string quartet in a recording studio. Making sure the bass sits just right in the final mix of a record you produced. Fine-tuning the vocal level during a sound check at the Wiltern Theater. You may be called upon to do these things as an audio professional. The future of the music business lies with trained professionals, who bring skills and experience with the latest audio production technologies, and full understanding of today’s music industry. The Audio Production Technologies program at Scottsdale Community College is the first step to your career in audio.

The Audio Production Technology program provides a way for students to build their knowledge base, develop their technical skills, and gain real-world experience by offering an innovative curriculum designed to prepare highly qualified individuals to enter the commercial music marketplace. The APT program is based on a course of study emphasizing studio recording, live concert sound, digital audio workstations and electronic music. Students will work with industry standard equipment and take responsibility for recording sessions and live music events. To supplement these hands-on technology courses, students will take classes in Music Business, Music Theory and Aural Perception.

The music, audio and business faculty at SCC are comprised of a rich combination of performing musicians, audio engineers and music business professionals who work to encourage, motivate and inspire the student whose goal is a career in the music industry.

Many areas of occupation for the skilled Audio Engineer include Recording Engineer, Record Producer, Broadcast Technician, Concert and Music Venue Sound Reinforcement Engineer, Sound Designer for Film or Video Games, Audio Forensics Analyst and many more.


For more information about our graduation rates, median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit our website at www.scottsdalecc.edu/audio-certificate

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