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Email Submission User Agreement


• I am currently enrolled as a student at Scottsdale Community College.

• I am submitting an assignment from a class at Scottsdale Community College, not a personal writing project or any other essay I have written outside of my coursework at SCC.

• I have specific questions or concerns about my writing and understand that my submission will be returned without review if I make vague requests for help (e.g., “Is it good?”).

• I understand that this service is provided to help me become a better writer. Tutors will assist me and answer questions, but they will not simply “fix” my paper– they do not edit, proofread, or spell-check.

• I  expect to receive my reviewed essay within two business days (not including holidays and weekends).

• I have successfully completed or am currently enrolled in ENG101/107 or higher.

• I am not requesting help with an equine science (EQS) paper. (Per faculty requirements, EQS students must schedule in-person or online tutoring sessions.)

• I understand the tutor’s role is one of support and that ultimate responsibility correctness and completeness of all work rests with me.

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