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Electronic Essay Review Service – The Writing Center @ SCC

Electronic Essay Review Service


Ask a tutor your questions via email 7 days a week– no appointment necessary!

A tutor will respond to specific questions or concerns, but vague requests  for a tutor to “check grammar” or “fix whatever is wrong”  will not be fulfilled, nor will vague questions such as “does it flow?” be addressed.

E-essay review is currently closed and will reopen on January 21, 2019.

EERS is open to dual enrollment students and those who have successfully completed or are currently enrolled in ENG101/ENG107 or higher.  For students in other ENG or ESL classes (including ENG 091/101 combined courses), individual appointments with a tutor (online or in-person) are available. 

About This Service

Before you submit: Review the “About this service” section below to clarify any questions you have about essay submission. Essays with vague submission questions or unclear assignment requirements will be returned via email along with a request for additional information. The appropriate instructor(s) will be copied on all such correspondence.

The SCC Writing Center offers essay review by email for writing assignments in English*. While we regret that we can not offer review of World Languages essays, we can review writing assignments in English for any SCC class.

Using the link at the top of this page, students may submit documents for email review and can expect a response within two (2) business days. Business days are Monday through Friday and do not include holidays or school breaks. Students may submit one essay for review every 48 hours.

Follow up questions or further work with tutors will require resubmission of the essay or an in-person or online appointment.  Students may schedule appointments by calling 480.423.6416.

When you submit, avoid asking questions like “Is X good?” or “Is my paper ok?” because they are not helpful to your revision process or to your tutor.  Instead, include specific concerns and questions about what you have written.  For example,  this is a question that shows you have thought about your essay’s structure and progress: “Do the supporting details I offer in body paragraph two support that paragraph’s topic sentence?”   It’s direct and focused, and it will offer a stronger starting point for your tutor  to provide feedback.

Please note:

While sentence-level issues should never take precedence over higher-order concerns like content development and organization, SCC Writing Center tutors can help address your specific concerns about sentence issues. However, tutors are not editors, proofreaders or spell-checkers. Rather, tutors work with you to improve your own writing, editing and proofreading skills.

If you would like a tutor to consider grammar, spelling or other sentence-level issues with your submission, please be precise about your needs.  A tutor will respond to specific questions or concerns, but a vague request  for a tutor to “check grammar” or “fix whatever is wrong”  will not be fulfilled. Examples of specific questions about sentence-level issues include:

“Have I used a comma correctly in this sentence?”
“Do I have any sentence fragments?”
“I have trouble with subject/verb agreement. Have I made any of those errors?”

You may also use the highlight or markup functions of MS Word to point out sections of a document and ask questions, as shown in the screen shot below (click to enlarge).

model email submission screenshot

Email submissions containing vague requests for help–particularly with sentence-level issues–will be returned to the student. You may resubmit the request after adding more specific questions about the content.

*The Writing Center offers this service to all for-credit students currently enrolled at Scottsdale Community College.

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