Interested in integrating the content of TechTalks into your courses? Here are some assignment prompts to consider.

Tech Talks videos are on YouTube and can be used even if a student can’t attend in person.


1. Tech Talks Reflection-After attending or viewing Tech Talks on YouTube, explain what you saw, reflect on what you saw, and explain how at least one technology discussed at the event could be used. Prepare your reflection in a short essay or an Animoto video.

2. Technology in the Subject Area-After attending or viewing Tech Talks on YouTube, investigate a current application of technology in the subject area of this course. Create an Animoto video or a brief essay that explains what this technology is and how it is being used in this subject area/discipline/career field.

3. Technology Applications Research Assignment-After attending or viewing TechTalks on YouTube, research three different uses of technology in the subject area/career field of this course. Use reputable sources such as library databases. Write a five page paper that explains each technology and how it is being applied in the subject/discipline/career field. Your paper should include at least 5 references to reputable sources such as books or scholarly articles.

4. Technology Timeline-Choose a technology discussed during TechTalks, research it, and create a timeline for that technology using Dipity or Timetoast. Make sure to document your timeline with at least two reputable sources.

5. Applications of Geotechnology-Research an application of geotechnology using reputable sources such as library databases and prepare a 10 minute speech on the topic.

6. Devices and apps for health and wellness-Research a health/wellness device or app discussed as Tech Talks ’15 and write a brief essay on how you can imagine the device/app being used to improve health.

7. Mobile devices in film-making and creativity-Complete an online lesson that explores how mobile devices are being used in the film industry and their effects on creativity, as discussed at Tech Talks ’13. NOTE: This online lesson was created using the free TedEd tool which instructors can use to build a lesson around any Ted Talk or YouTube video. The online lesson includes the embedded Tech Talks video as well as the assignment prompt.

8. 3D printing, Digging Deeper-After viewing the Tech Talks ’13 video on 3D printing, create an mural on that describes three current or future applications of 3D printing related to the subject matter/discipline/career field of this course.