Project Competition 2017

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Mousetrap Cars!

There should be only one team of three students per school. If a student is on the project team, he/she may not take part in the math competition or science competition as the project competition will take place during the other competitions.

This year, the student project team will have one hour to finish the design of a mousetrap car that will be raced on a track against other schools.

Here are some of the rules:

  1. You may use all of the equipment given in the box:
    1. duct tape
    2. scissors
    3. CDs
    4. clear tape
    5. foam board
    6. glue
    7. mousetrap car kit
    8. balloons
  1. You total score will be based on average speed and overall distance. Specifically, your score will be computed using the formula:

Total Score = 200/t + d/18 * 50 + artie bonus

Where t is the amount of time (in seconds) that it takes your vehicle to travel the first 3 meters, d is the overall distance your vehicle travels (in meters) and the artie bonus is a 10 point bonus if you knock over the stuffed artie approximately 16 feet from the starting point.

  1. Over the entire 16 foot track, there is a one inch rise.
  2. Your vehicle will straddle a track of wood (see picture below) to keep it heading forward.
  3. In case of a tie, there will be an extra run for each of the tied teams to determine the winner.
  4. Your must launch your vehicle hands-free. To begin each run you will set the spring on your vehicle and place it on the track behind the starting gate (see image below).
  5. You will have two chances to run the track, but you must be ready when your team is called. Any false starts will count as a run.

During the Carnival in the morning, a Project Competition table will be set up for students to look at examples of mousetrap cars and see how they work.


How to make the mousetrap propel the car

Examples of SCC student Mousetraps (coming soon!)

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Aaron Jesse.
Mathematics Faculty
Scottsdale Community College