Rachel Woodburn

Rachel has been teaching at SCC as a full time faculty member for 12 years, since fall of 1998, and as adjunct for 5 years prior to that. She created the Graphic Design Degree and certification degree as a track in the Maricopa Institute of Arts and Entertainment Technology program in 1998, and started teaching the core-advanced course in 99. Along with the Graphic Design track, she created two other tracks, Computer Graphics (on-air graphics and web design) and 3-D Animation. After MIAET was dissolved the tracks were put on hold and she restructured the Graphic Design program, removed any courses focusing on film and television and strengthened its core visual design courses, focusing on print graphics and reinstated the program we have today.

She has also been involved in the addition of a MCCCD degree Associate of Art, Fine Arts for students developing their portfolio to transfer or enter a four-year art school or university. After many years of work the district adopted it in 05/06.
In addition to teaching, developing programs and curriculum I she taught abroad in both Australia and New Zealand, teaching teachers and facilitating workshops. She planned, organized and was a co-leader taking students abroad in a 4-week immersion program to Australia living on aboriginal lands and to New Zealand living in community on a Maori. This trip ran for 5 years and has been nationally recognized by The Institute of International Education receiving the National Award for Innovation in International Education Programs, in March of 2009 honoring the most outstanding initiatives being conducted in international higher education. During this time I also served as program director, evening chair, department chair and on faculty senate.