Graphic Design Program

Crazy. Impossible. Unrealistic.
These are terms you might use to describe our desire to take a small graphics design program at Scottsdale Community College and turn it into an educational powerhouse capable of giving students a graphic communication education that rivals expensive, four-year schools.
Yet through the combined efforts of a caring staff, community resources, and an enthusiastic student body, we have succeeded in creating an affordable way for people to successfully enter the graphic communications field.

Our Mission
We strive to provide an affordable, world-class graphic communication education program that equips our graduates with a mix of theoretical and applied knowledge, problem-solving skills, technical facility, and community experience. Our goal is to produce graduates who can think critically and use their creative abilities to solve client problems.

Achieving our mission
Our size is our secret to success. Because we are one of the smallest community colleges in the mammoth Maricopa County system, we have an opportunity to get to know our students and assume mentorship roles.
By graduation, every student that completes our program will have had hundreds of hours of hands-on instruction, both inside and outside of class:

  • Internships with local print, web design, graphic design, advertising, and publishing firms
  • Participation in competitive area-wide design competitions
  • Preparation, presentation, and critique of student portfolios with professionals in the design and branding industries
  • Presentation of professional-quality work in a department-wide show

We believe that this personalized, nurturing approach to education develops professionals who are technically adept and confident in their abilities to perform and grow in their new careers.