Other Support

Internship Positions:
The Internship/Practicum provides students with hands-on industry experience at training, breeding, showing, veterinary facilities or in journalism, marketing, etc. The students have goals they will want to complete but they also are valuable help to the Internship facilities. Many times, students have been hired after they complete an Internship as the owners/managers find them very capable and willing to work and learn.
If you are interested in providing a student with an Internship opportunity, please  email to Dr. Pat Evans at pat.evans@scottsdalecc.edu or fax to 480 423 6421. Dr. Evans will contact you to follow up .

Facility Use:
Farms can facilitate hands-on learning through an occasional or semester-long class. Facilities benefit by having a faculty led group of students learn about working with young horses, as young as sucklings. These classes provide the facility with much needed hands on time with green horses teaching them catching, haltering, tying, grooming, hoof handling, lunging, round penning. trailer loading, clipping, bathing, etc. For more information, please contact Dr. Pat Evans at 480 423 6231 or pat.evans@scottsdalecc.edu.