News – Julie Begonia’s Service


Julie Begonia Accepts Adjunct of the Year Award

Service to Students

Julie Begonia is the ultimate teacher.  She continues to craft her teaching skills and knowledge about the topics she covers in the Principles of Equine Science course.  She is the first faculty member students interact with in the EQS program and students really enjoy Julie’s teaching style. She develops meaningful practical teaching tools that she has the students perform in class to help them remember details. For example, using a model horse in the classroom, each student receives sticky notes which list an external horse body part and the students put the sticky note where they think it belongs.  This is a great hands-on and visual learning tool.  She discusses structure of the horse’s legs and when talking about splay footed or pigeon toed horses, the students get up and walk like horses with those faults to identify where the pressure is felt.  She has developed Soft Chalk learning tools to help the students master the information as well. She is always open to learning more and trying new techniques in the classroom.  She is enthusiastic and professional in her demeanor while developing a great relationship with the students.  Her class is challenging and prepares students for the classes that follow.

Service to the College/Service to District
Julie serves as the Chair of the Equine Science Advisory Board and works to interact with Board Members.   She sets up and leads each meeting.   She attends the Chairs meeting each semester and enjoys hearing about how other Advisory Boards handle a variety of situations. Julie also served on the hiring committee to fill the Director’s position for the Equine Science program three years ago and will be serving on the hiring committee for the Division Secretary for Applied Sciences. Julie is very willing to help in any way with program or college programs.

Service to the Community
Julie is an integral part of the Equine Science workshops that began being offered fall 2012. Julie helps with promotion of each program, set up and tear down, and as a speaker.  She visits with participants to answer questions about the workshop topic, about SCC or the Equine Science program.  The workshops are a service to the equine community, in helping them with the management concerns of owning or caring for horses. Julie helped with three workshops in fall 2012 and three workshops spring 2013.   These workshops are evening events for the most part but also one full day event. Workshops are also planned for fall 2013 which Julie will play an integral part.

Professional Excellence
Julie is a professional in all aspects.  What she does not know, she works to better understand.  She works with a veterinarian one day a week to use her established skills and to add new skills to her abilities. This allows her to interact with more horse owners across the valley and discuss the SCC Equine Science program.  Julie attends professional meetings including the Summit of the Horse in January of 2011 and the AAEP meeting in December 2012.  Due to Julie’s outstanding organizational skills she is the volunteer coordinator for the Arizona Combined Driving Event at Goree Farms since 2006.  She organizes all volunteers, lining up workers at specific locations, over the three day event.

Quality and Professionalism
Julie is a quality person, caring about how her students perform and preparing them for a career or further education.  She sets a very professional example for her students in her discussion of topics, attire and her enthusiasm for teaching.  She has willingly worked to increase the vigor of her class as the Equine Science program has developed to become more challenging.  She is very inquisitive and continues to learn and grow every semester.

Julie works with professionals in the equine industry to strengthen the program ties to local facilities.  While Julie has been teaching EQS 105 at SCC since 2008, she also began teaching EQS 105 at Mesa Community College in fall of 2011 for the Veterinary Technician program.  This assists both programs and allows students to take this class at either college easily since they are taught by the same instructor.

Julie works well with Pat Evans, the Director of the Equine Science program, in establishing and organizing the community workshops. She also interacts well with each adjunct faculty member of the Equine Science program.  We see this through many examples but recently, she took on a Honor student and when asked to discuss her role with the student and expectations of the student, Julie did a very professional job of organizing a Power Point presentation which she gave at the January 2013 EQS faculty meeting. She explained her role, commitment of time and expectations she had for the student. This was very helpful to the entire faculty.

Julie is a tremendous asset to this college and to the Equine Science program.  She is the kind of person any program would love to have.