The Equine Science Program

The Equine Science program at Scottsdale Community College (SCC) has a long and well-respected history in Arizona.   This program began in the 1970’s and has evolved with the Equine Industry over the decades. Since SCC is located in the heart of horse country, students have tremendous opportunities to interact with local professionals who train and compete horses in pleasure, trail, cattle events, reining, jumping, cross country, dressage, competitive trail riding, driving and many other events.  There are a variety of breeds located in the valley from Quarter Horses, Paints, and Appaloosas to Arabians, Thoroughbreds, Warmbloods and gaited breeds.  Students gain valuable knowledge from classes taught by Industry professionals including facility managers, trainers, veterinarians, and veterinary assistants.  These professionals are excited about teaching and working in this program to give back to future professionals or to community members who want to better manage personal horses.

While some schools boast of large student body and/or large classes, this is not the aim of the Equine Science program at SCC. Here, students are enrolled in classes with 30 or less students.  In this learning environment, both students and faculty are able to establish a valuable relationship with one another.  This provides for a wonderful learning environment where students are directly involved in each class and are encouraged to visit with faculty regularly.  Students do not provide their own horses for this program as they will work with a variety of horses in the valley.Because SCC does not operate a horse stable on campus, our program takes full advantage of local facilities and their horses by holding a variety of classes at specific  off-campus sites.  These off-site locations allow students to learn valuable skills in horse handling and management as well as opportunities to learn judging and equine behavior.

Dave Belson, of 5B Quarter Horses, celebrated a successful 2014 foaling season by taking the foaling students out for pizza. It was a fun time for all. Thank you Dave for all you do for the SCC Equine Science program.