Students will receive credits for the following courses:

EDU 234: Role and Function of the Paraprofessional
(2 credits)

During this pre-departure course you will gain an overview and understanding of the role and responsibilities of the Paraprofessional in K-8 classrooms. We will explore and develop appropriate strategies related to student interaction and communication, tutoring techniques, and leadership role to create a positive and productive learning environment for all students in the classroom. Recognition of children with special needs and delivery of teacher identified support are also included.

EDU 252: Education Portfolio Development (1 credit)
You will design, develop, and publish a portfolio to showcase the teaching knowledge, skill, and experience you received while in Thailand. Your final product is designed to help you document your value to potential employing school districts and scholarship organizations.

EDU 282AC: Volunteerism for Education: A Service Learning Experience (3 credits)
You will apply the skills and strategies from the pre-departure course while you gain practical experience in teaching English and math in Thai public schools. Your efforts will provide a valuable community service and open up new opportunities for the students within the Pathum Thani Educational Service Area Office 2.


“I gained a lot of self confidence on this trip. Overall I think I became a real teacher in Thailand. I am more confident with my abilities and feel better about how I relate to children, all children.”
- Patricia Okyne, Thailand 2010