Geography students will visit world-renowned cities and historic sites throughout the Mediterranean region. They will work on individual projects that are specific to their chosen course of study.

Participants will receive credit for the following course:

GCU 194: Cities of the Mediterranean
(3 credits)

Detailed study of select cities of the Mediterranean region. Topics include the cultural, physical, and historical geography of the cities and region, as well as the origins, diffusion, and division of cultural areas. Cultural patterns and spatial organization will be examined. Consideration of the interrelationships between humans and the physical environment will also be included. Prerequisites: None.


“This program was more than just an experience of a lifetime, it was a transition in my life and future. Today, not only am I almost sure I am going to major in both photography and art history, but I am sure I will continue to travel around the world because no one ever said anyone had to stop growing and learning as their lives get older.”
-Brittany Williams, British Isles Study Tour 2009