Partnering with K-12 school districts to provide research-based professional development.

The faculty of CIMAA is composed of professors from SCC and sister colleges of the Maricopa Community College District supported by networks of university professors and educational leaders.

Location: Located on the campus of Scottsdale Community College (SCC)

Not only did scores increase but teachers’ thinking about teaching math changed … teachers are now confident in themselves and their skills to give students authority for their own learning. – Assistant Superintendent K – 8 District

This year I am seeing more of the deeper thinking and understanding in my 5th grade class.   – Classroom Teacher

During my twenty years of teaching … this workshop was the first one that really challenged and changed the way I think about and teach math. Teachers don’t often get placed in the learning role and this method really helped me solidify in my mind the best practices for teaching not just math but problem solving and higher level thinking too.
– Kindergarten Teacher

I am listening more to my students’ thinking … I have my students verify their work and own it.   – 2nd Grade Teacher

My assessments have gone from multiple-choice, one answer gets credit to “explain your thinking, label givens and goals, label each step … state your answer completely and then ask yourself if your answer is reasonable”.  -5th Grade Teacher

We come together on a regular basis and share “best practices” with other … I really feel that because of the MSP, our math teachers have become a tight community.  -7th Grade Teacher