November 8, 2014 – Chandler Gilbert Community College, Williams Campus

  • What:  AMP Saturday Workshop #2
  • When:  November 8, 2014
    • Registration and Breakfast:  7:20am – 7:50am
    • Workshop:  8:00am – 3:30pm
  • Where:  Chandler Gilbert Community College, Williams Campus (see map)
    • 7360 East Tahoe Avenue,  Mesa, AZ  85212
    • Registration is outside the Higley Room in Bridget Hall

Cohort 2 Homework

STATS Homework

1) the attached document containing 28 vocabulary words associated with Statistics, and
2) the Frayer Model graphic organizer

SELECT ANY TEN of the 28 terms/concepts, and complete a Frayer Model type of graphic organizer (or another graphic organizer of your choice) identifying the term, its definition, facts/characteristics of the term, examples, and non-examples. For some of the terms, it may not make sense to fill in one (or more) of the sections.  Please bring your graphic organizers for the terms/concepts that you selected to the Workshop on Nov. 8.


Print the attached handout titled “Functions HW” and read it thoroughly.

Reflect back on our September Workshop and think about our discussions regarding three representations of proportionality:
1)   Scaling
2)   Constant Ratio
3)   Constant Multiple

For homework, give your students a problem that requires them to engage in reasoning proportionally. Submit (on Canvas, no later than Friday night, Nov. 7) the problem that you presented to your students. Also, describe examples of students solving it in each of the 3 ways listed above. Describe why you believe the student was reasoning in that particular way (specify your evidence).


Please bring in three samples of student work using a problem-solving template with you to the workshop on Sat. Nov. 8.

Cohort 3 Homework

Print the attached document Cohort 3 Homework SW2 and formally complete the triangles problem presented by following the directions on the document.  Please turn in your completed triangles problem at the registration table at the workshop on Sat. Nov. 8.