Pre-service Teacher Goals

The community college faculty who teach MAT 156 and MAT 157 (Elmentary Mathematics for Teachers) explicitly model the type of instructional practices that they would like their students to practice when they become teachers.  Specifically, the community college faculty will implement and model the following factors:

  • the classroom culture is very student-centered;
  • teachers explicitly create learning experiences that promote the development of students’ network/web of deep, well connected conceptual understandings, including content knowledge and procedural fluency;
  • the physical environment of the classroom will be conducive to student-centered teaching and learning;
  • it will be evident that students adhere to well-defined socio-mathematical norms; and
  • there is a professional culture among teachers that models the socio-mathematical norms expected of students.

In addition to experiencing courses that model student-centered instructional practices, pre-service teachers will have the opportunity to observe in-service teachers who have been involved in the AMP project to observe how these instructional practices are carried out in K-12 mathematics classrooms.  This field experience will provide pre-service teachers with the following benefits:

  • the field experience will give pre-service teachers the opportunity to see how the factors above were modeled in their MAT 156 and 157 courses;
  • provide opportunities for pre-service teachers to make connections with in-service teachers;
  • pre-service teachers can see what a classroom looks like to provide a valuable reality check;
  • pre-service teachers can see the relevance of the use of manipulatives;
  • depending upon the in-service teachers and the school, the pre-service teachers will have the opportunity to expand their role beyond the observation; and
  • pre-service teachers will identify and carry out a project that will benefit both the in-service teacher observed and the pre-service teacher.

Where can I learn more about the classroom observations?

All MAT 156/157 Students

What forms do I need to complete or what requirements need to be met?

All MAT 156/157 Students

Students Attending:

  • Scottsdale
  • Salt River
    • If you attend Salt River Elementary two days or less, you do not need to complete any additional paperwork.  However, if you attend more than two days in the academic school year, you need to get fingerprinting and a background check completed through Salt River.  Please see the attached flyer.
  • Desert Sky, Highland Lakes School K-8, Hillcrest Middle School, Diamond Canyon School K-8, or Norterra Canyon School K-8
    • You need to obtain an IVP Fingerprint Clearance Card and provide a copy to your GCC instructor.  Please read the Fingerprinting Info – GCC flyer for additional information.

How Do I Get There?

Copper Ridge

Salt River Pima
Salt River Elementary

Santan Junior High School
Bogle Junior High

 Deer Valley
Desert Sky Middle School
Highland Lakes School K-8
Hillcrest Middle School
Diamond Canyon School K-8
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