Leadership Academy

AMP Leadership Academy & Supervisor Positions 

The AMP project will offer the AMP Leadership Academy starting in June 2014 for the Cohort 1 teachers. Teachers will participate in this Leadership Academy for one year and will be funded during this time. We will accept approximately 15 teachers into the Academy. The primary role in the Academy will be as a teacher-leader and the time of activities planned for the upcoming year are described below.

  • Summer 2014: Planning and facilitating the Summer Math CAMP for middle school students from our AMP school districts; work alongside other AMP teachers during the CAMP, and
  • Fall 2014 and Spring 2015: Implementing an action research project during the school year with the goal of producing a final product or paper for a conference presentation.

Note: Teacher-leaders may also have the opportunity to be CCOL Facilitators and would be responsible for leading fellow teachers throughout the school year in school or district CCOLs.

In addition, we will also recruit approximately 15 additional teachers to serve as CAMPSupervisors to support the teacher-leaders by supervising students during the evenings of the CAMP.

Time Requirements:

The exact time requirements depend on the role you wish to play within the Leadership Academy. See below:

  • Teacher-Leader: For a stipend of $3500
    • Lead a four-day summer math camp for students on June 23-26 at Grand Canyon University
      • Plan for approximately 8 hours during the spring semester to plan for Summer Math CAMP with other teacher-leaders selected – this time may be completed in person, via email correspondence, and/or online video conferencing.
      • Attend a five-day planning workshop on June 2-6 at Scottsdale Community College led by Trey Cox and April Strom
  • Implement an action research project during the 2014-2015 school year with the goal of producing a final product or paper for a conference presentation. For more information about action research projects see a video created for you at https://vimeo.com/84807409.
    • Participate in 4 Saturday AMP workshops during the 2014-2015 school year on the following dates: September 13, November 8, January 31, and April 11.
  • CCOL Facilitator: (optional) For an extra stipend of $1000
    • Lead 18 hours of Collaborative Community of Learners (CCOL) meetings, to be scheduled with local school districts, attend CCOL training sessions as scheduled

NOTE: This option is not guaranteed to be available for all teacher-leaders. If you are interested, we will keep you in mind as a possible facilitator. There will be an extra $1000 stipend per year for each facilitator.

  • CAMP-Supervisor: For a stipend of $1500
    • Supervise students at the Summer Math CAMP, June 22-26. This would include: being responsible specifically for a small group of students and generally for the group as a whole during each of the evenings of the math CAMP.
    • Responsibilities throughout the week would be: supervise students during the day and evening activities and staying overnight in the GCU dorms to monitor students.

How to Apply (as a teacher-leader and/or CAMP-supervisor):

See instructions for how to apply in the email sent out by Kacie Joyner

Questions? Email Kacie Joyner at kacie.joyner@scottsdalecc.edu