Homework for Saturday Workshop 1 – September 13, 2014


Cohort 2:  
You should work collaboratively with some (or all, but not more than 5) of your CCOL members to write a letter of response back to back to Fred Flintstone regarding the letter that he wrote you. It is to reflect your understanding of proper sampling techniques and to be communicated in such a way that Fred will understand. The letter should include graphics, tables, or charts that are professionally made (not created by hand) and incorporated directly into the typed document. It is imperative that you keep your audience – Fred – in mind as you communicate your ideas. You should upload your work to Canvas per the instructions below.

By Friday, September 12th (11:59pm), you should upload your homework assignment directly to Canvas (where you posted your summer institute reflections). Please do not print out the assignment and submit a hard copy as we will still ask you to upload the file to Canvas. You can access Canvas by logging into https://learn.maricopa.edu with the username and password you used this past summer. Once you have logged in, click on “Assignments” on the left side of screen, then click on your assignment for more instructions. Use the “Submit Assignment” on the right side of the screen. If you have any trouble logging into Canvas, please contact John Fitzpatrick (john.fitzpatrick@scottsdalecc.edu) to reset your account.

Cohort 3: 
Read the article “Advice for Mathematical Argumentation” and write a 1-page reflection of the reading. Your reflection should not just be a summary of the reading. Instead, you should incorporate your reaction to the reading by addressing the following questions: (1) Do you agree or disagree and why?, (2) How does this connect to your experiences at your school?, and (3) What did you gain or what impacted you from reading the article?