April 2 , 2016 – Chandler Gilbert Community College, Williams Campus

AMP Saturday Workshop #4

April 2, 2016
Workshop:  8:00am – 3:30pm
Chandler Gilbert Community College, Williams Campus (see map)
7360 East Tahoe Avenue,  Mesa, AZ  85212
Registration is outside the Higley Room in Bridget Hall

SW #4 Homework Due

Cohort 3

5th/6th grade Handout Complete and bring with you to our session on April 2nd.
7th/8th grade Handout Complete and bring with you to our session on April 2nd.

Thinking Through a Lesson Protocol: CCOL Project

With your CCOL, create the best lesson ever! Your team will utilize the resources from Principles to Action (student-to-student discourse rubric, Mathematics Teaching Practices, and/or the intentional teacher actions to build the students’ Mathematical Practices). Choose a focus instructional area for teachers and students. As a CCOL, co-plan a lesson that can be taught between now and April. The CCOL will use the TTLP as a guide for the questions that need to be considered when planning the lesson.

Mona’s Homework due on April 2
1.  Complete the TTLP reflection on Canvas.
2.  Bring in a class set of student work from a “great task”.


Cohort 4

Read the two attached articles and write a short reaction to each (half-page reaction to each article). Total writing assignment is one page in length.
Article 1: Do Twelfths Terminate or Repeat?
Article 2: Doing the Math: Supporting Student Justifications

Right Triangle Problem resubmits & Problem Solving Portfolio!
The Problem Solving Portfolio Instruction Sheet is here for download (just in case you need a new copy to reference while preparing your portfolio for submission).