April 11, 2015 – Chandler Gilbert Community College, Williams Campus

AMP Saturday Workshop #4

April 11, 2015
Workshop:  8:00am – 3:30pm
Chandler Gilbert Community College, Williams Campus (see map)
7360 East Tahoe Avenue,  Mesa, AZ  85212

Registration is outside the Higley Room in Bridget Hall



 Lesson Design Homework (for Mona Toncheff)

  • Choose a lesson that incorporates implementing a meaningful mathematical task (a task that develop both conceptual understanding and procedural fluency).
  • After the lesson, complete the TTLP reflection and submit on Canvas.

Functions Homework (for Kacie Joyner)

Problem Solving Homework DUE APRIL 11, 2015 (for Jim Vicich)

  • Select three students that you teach (one high achiever, one average, and one low) that you would like to target for the next four months or so.
  • Make a copy of several regular class activities that focus on problem solving skills (these may include a problem-solving template OR not) completed by the three students (perhaps one per month from now through April 1, 2015).
  • Write a one-page (max) summary/analysis of each student’s growth during the four month period of time from now through 4/1 ~ include summaries in the student work portfolio.
  • This assignment is designed to provide you with the opportunity to analyze and reflect on the effects of your teaching practices relative to students’ problem-solving behaviors/skills. While reflecting, consider students’ progress relative to specific behaviors such as initial engagement, monitoring of progress, making plans for solution paths, making conjectures, strategy selection, and verification. You may also consider changes in beliefs such as perseverance, willingness to explore alternative strategies, etc.
  • NOTICE: This is DUE at Sat Workshop #4 ON APRIL 11, 2015!


COHORT 3  (for Scott Adamson)

  • Read the attached article:  Classroom Strategies to Make Sense and Persevere
  • Write a 1-page reflection of the reading. Your reflection should not just be a summary of the reading. Instead, you should incorporate your reaction to the reading by addressing the following questions: (1) Do you agree or disagree and why? (2) How does this connect to your experiences at your school?, and (3) What did you gain or what impacted you from reading the article?
  • By Friday, April 10th (11:59pm), you should upload your homework assignment directly to Canvas (where you posted your summer institute reflections, as well as your article reflections from previous Saturday workshops). Please do not print out the assignment and submit a hard copy, as we will still ask you to upload the file to Canvas. You can access Canvas by logging into https://learn.maricopa.edu with the username and password you used this past summer. Once you have logged in, click on “Assignments” on the left side of screen, then click on your assignment for more instructions. Use the “Submit Assignment” on the right side of the screen. If you have any trouble logging into Canvas, please contact John Fitzpatrick (john.fitzpatrick@scottsdalecc.edu) to reset your account.