Institutes and Workshops

Summer Institutes and Saturday Workshops

Summer Institute
Information for Attending the AMP Summer Institute
Teachers attend a one-week Summer Institute during their first and second years of the project.

The Institutes consist of:

  • Content-focused and research-based activities
  • Connected to the Common Core State Standards curriculum
  • Focused on problem solving, number sense, proportional reasoning, additive and multiplicative reasoning, geometry, patterns/algebra & probability and statistics

Saturday Workshops

Information for Attending the Next AMP Saturday Workshop
Teachers attend 4 all-day Saturday workshops during the school year as part of their first and second years of the project. The workshops connect and extend the content-based knowledge developed in the Summer Institutes.

Goal of the Institutes and Workshops
As promoted by the CCSSM and Standards for Mathematical Practice, the Institutes/Workshops aim to deepen teachers’ mathematical knowledge and skills by increasing:

  • Understanding of student thinking, knowledge of students’ misconceptions, and poorly-formed conceptions
  • Fluency of content and pedagogical knowledge of mathematics
  • Productive problem-solving behaviors
  • Reasoning and sense-making behaviors
  • Intellectual engagement in mathematical discourse that involves explanation and justification
  • Enhanced knowledge and implementation of CCSSM and Standards for Mathematical Practice
  • Development and implementation of curricular materials to provide effective mathematics learning experiences
  • Focus on building classroom instruction around cohesive mathematical concepts with procedures emerging from ideas