Cohort 2 Saturday Workshop 4 Homework

Cohort 2 (Jim Vicich, Scott Adamson, Ted Coe):

In preparation for the next Saturday Workshop on April 5th, all cohort 2 teachers should complete the following homework. Submit your homework at the registration table before the workshop begins.

 All Grades

1.   Read the articles Adding and Subtracting Fractions and Mixing Strategies to Compare Fractions and write a 1-page reflection of the readings. Your reflection should not just be a summary of the readings. Instead, you should incorporate your reaction to the readings by addressing the following questions: (1) How does this connect to your experiences at your school?, and (2) What did you gain or what impacted you from reading these articles?

2.  For those who need to, revise and resubmit Benton Problem.